Cranial Sacral Therapy

" If every infant had one session of cranial sacral therapy, we would have a much more peaceful world."- John Upledger, DO

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Infant CST

Babies in Balance is a method developed my Susan Duprat that is mostly based in cranial sacral therapy but pulls in techniques from physical therapy, functional neurology rehabilitation and massage therapy.

Although we like to think of infants coming into this world with a blank slate, that is rarely the case. Many are already facing some serious challenges in their life, whether it's difficulty with latching, infant reflux or food allergies. Cranial Sacral Therapy is a gentle and safe physical therapy that helps the infant or child feel more comfortable in their body.

Depending on your child's individual needs, it typically takes 3 to 6 sessions to see the shifts we need. The sessions are either once or twice a week. Often we will work on the child as she is feeding, either from the breast or from the bottle. We will assess areas of restriction and give you exercises based on your child's unique structure.

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What is CST?

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance.

Using a soft touch which is generally no greater than 5 grams - about the weight of a nickel - practitioners release restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system. 

Indicated Conditions

ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Infant Colic

Latching Challenges



Seizure Disorders

Generalized Pain Disorders